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Being in a Relationship With a Sex Addict Expert

Being In A Relationship With A Sex Addict Expert Interview

One of the most effective ways to find out if you are dating someone who is addicted to sex is to have them undergo an interview with a sex addict expert. This is one of the easiest ways to discover if you are vulnerable to addiction. You see, many people will deny that they have a problem. They may even rationalize that they only have an addiction problem when pressed for an answer. When you have an interview with a sex addict expert, however, they will be open and honest.

Take Advantage Of Being In A Relationship With A Sex Addict – Read These Tips

There are many things that can go awry in a relationship with an addict. Obviously, the main issue is trust. Many sex addicts won’t admit their addiction, especially if it involves a member of the opposite sex. So how do you determine if you are doing business with a potentially destructive addict?

To begin, be completely honest with yourself about your feelings toward your partner’s addiction. Do you think that he or she would badmouth you to other friends if they knew about it? Do you fear that if you tell your significant other that he or she has a sexually addictive personality disorder, it could lead to bad feelings in return, or even hurt feelings? If so, tell this to your addiction expert during your interview. The more aware you are of his or her personality disorder, the more likely you are to realize if you are truly at risk for being in a relationship with an addict.

After you have made it clear to your addiction expert that you have serious concerns about your potential relationship with an addict, he or she will be able to look at your history together. Most addicts grow out of their sexual attractions. But others stay in those attractions for a much longer period of time. These people need help in order to overcome their problems with pornography and/or other forms of addiction.

Consultant with Sex addiction

During your appointment with a sex addict and addiction specialist, your counselor will ask you questions about your thoughts and feelings regarding your intended relationship. He or she will also want to know why you feel as if you need to be in this situation. Why do you feel that your safety is being threatened by the presence of this addict? What makes you feel like you cannot trust him or her?

The questions you get from your counselor during your first meeting are not very personal. They are geared toward the larger question of whether or not you need to keep this person in your life. So, don’t take them personally. Keep in mind that this is still in therapy. Your counselor is trying to understand the reasons why you feel the way you do.

Session 1

After your first session with a sex addict and addiction specialist, you will learn a great deal about how addiction progresses, how it affects your behavior, and the steps you need to take to break free of it. You will also learn how to recognize and avoid the warning signs your loved one is starting to use pornography or engage in sexual activity. There is more to being in a relationship with an addict than just sharing dirty thoughts. You need to understand that the addiction will slowly destroy your ability to trust. It will make you feel like you are living in a fantasy world where everyone you meet wants you to be a certain way. It will dictate your behavior and the amount of time you spend with your addict.

Final Decisions

When you are being in a relationship with an addiction specialist, you must make sure you understand that you will have to make some tough decisions. For instance, the purpose of the intervention is to provide hope for you and your family. This can only be accomplished if you are willing to accept that your loved one needs to get help for his or her addiction. When the sex addict returns home, you will have to face the reality that in his or her eyes you are not good enough for him or her anymore. If you are willing to do this, though, you can begin to repair your broken relationship with an addiction specialist.


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