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Look Back at Kate Moss's Dating History Johnny Depp's libel trial
Kate Moss's Dating History
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A Look Back at Kate Moss’s Dating History Johnny Depp’s libel trial

In this exclusive interview, Kate Moss discusses her past relationships, including dates with Elon Musk, Vanessa Paradis, and Johnny Depp. After all, her former boyfriend is currently facing a libel trial, so the rumors that they dated are bound to be a bit more intense. In addition to libel, Moss’s past relationships have also been controversial. She was reportedly rumored to have dated Vanessa Paradis and Elon Musk, but her relationship with Johnny Depp is a complicated one, especially after she testified at his libel trial.

Kate Moss Dated Elon Musk

The defamation suit against Johnny Depp has turned ugly. The leaked conversations between the actor and Elon Musk are making the rounds on Twitter. Musk is the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX and was a former boyfriend of Amber Heard. In addition to dating Heard, Musk was reportedly involved with Kate Moss in the past. 

Amber Heard’s testimony has led to several twists in the case. She dated Elon Musk during the same time that Depp was undergoing his defamation trial. But if she’s dated Elon Musk before, why not now? In 2022, Moss and Elon Musk were dating during the defamation suit, which is worth more than USD 50 million.

She Dated Vanessa Paradis

During his defamation lawsuit against Amber Heard, Kate Moss’s dating history has come under the spotlight. While the “Blow” actor was eleven years older than Moss, their romance was a wild ride. The pair’s relationship came under the spotlight after an article in People magazine alleged that Depp had pushed the model down the stairs, a fact which was later denied by the actress.

Despite the recent defamation suit against Amber Heard, Depp and Moss dated in the 1990s. The two were engaged for two years before the alleged incident took place. They broke up in 2007, but remained friends and dated for years afterward. However, the couple’s relationship ended in 2008, when Moss filed for divorce from Depp.

She Dated Johnny Depp

Amber Heard has shared allegations about Johnny Depp’s past relationships, including one in which she claimed that he pushed Kate Moss downstairs. However, this particular case seems to have little to do with the relationship between Depp and Moss. The actor is currently embroiled in a libel trial against his ex, Amber Heard. Kate Moss is expected to support her ex on the stand.

The couple was reportedly linked after Sophie Hermann. Who appeared on the reality show “Made in Chelsea.” The two met in a posh London hotel. Where Moss slipped a phone number between the strings of Depp’s guitar. They reportedly shared hours of talk time after the meeting in public. However, the relationship ended after Depp was arrested for damaging the hotel room in which Moss stayed.

She Testified in Johnny Depp’s Libel Trial

Kate Moss’s dating history is a hot topic in the wake of her ex-husband Johnny Depp’s libel case. The former actor has denied any wrongdoing. But his legal team hinted that he could call her as a rebuttal witness. The libel case revolves around an op-ed written by Amber Heard in the Washington Post. In which the actress claimed that Depp represents victims of domestic violence. Although the actress has sued her former boyfriend for defamation, Amber Heard countersued him for libeling her. 

The actress was the biggest supermodel of the time, appearing on more Vogue covers than any other woman. Depp, meanwhile, was known for his eccentric character, including the infamous Edward Scissorhands.

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It has been 20 years since John and Kate Moss first met at a cafe in Jamaica, and the relationship lasted just two years. Although the two were no longer together, it is still a fascinating story to look back on. In fact, it was a memorable day for both of them, as Moss went to see her Ex. Apparently, Depp was so impressed with Moss that he asked her to take a champagne bath with him.

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