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Best Sex Positions & Tips For Small Penis Owners to Go Deep
Best Sex Positions

5 Best Sex Positions & Tips For Small Penis Owners to Go Deep

Welcome to “5 Best Sex Positions & Tips For Small Penis Owners to Go Deep.” In this insightful guide, we explore intimate techniques tailored specifically for individuals with smaller penises, aiming to enhance pleasure and satisfaction for both partners. From inventive positions that maximize penetration to expert tips on communication and technique, each recommendation is carefully crafted to celebrate diversity and promote fulfilling sexual experiences. Whether you’re seeking new ways to connect intimately or looking to overcome physical limitations, join us on this journey of exploration and discovery. Let’s unlock the potential for deep and gratifying intimacy, regardless of size.

Face Off

If you have a small penis and want to go deeper during sex, try Face Off. This position requires a partner with a lot of flexibility and is best for slow, deep penetration. The receiver lies down on their back and the giver straddles them, with their legs wrapped around their back. This pretzel-like sex position also stimulates the clitoris and G-spot, making it a great choice for both partners.

This sex position is ideal for smaller penises because it allows the head of the penis to reach the entrance of the vagina, says Shan Boodram, a sex therapist and SKYN Sex & Intimacy Expert. It also amplifies stimulation of nerve-ending-rich zones and leaves less room for the penis to slip out, she adds.

To increase the intensity of this sex position, the giver can squeeze their thighs to intensify clit and G-spot stimulation and employ a vibrating love egg for additional pleasure. The receiver can also lick their lips in this position and gaze at their partner, adding to the arousal. To up the ante, the giver can enter in reverse cowgirl position or do a lifted missionary pose.


Cowgirl is a great position for beginners and can be paired with various movement speeds and depths. It allows the person receiving penetration to take a more dominant role, and is particularly effective for enhancing sensation for clitoris stimulation and the so-called G-spot, notes a sex expert.

The beauty of this sex position is that it works for people with any penis size, as long as they’re able to move their legs at the same time. The close proximity of your bodies in this position can amplify the stimulation of nerve-ending-rich zones like your clitoris, nipples, and neck.

If you want to spice up this position, try a reverse cowgirl by turning your partner in the opposite direction, facing their head away from you. This can add an extra element of sexual adventure and increase the intensity for both partners. You can also play with the rhythm by placing a pillow under your partner’s hips or butt to create an angled entry. It’s sure to make the ride even more thrilling!

Doggy Style

Doggy style is a fun position that can be slow and sensual, rough and wild or anything in between. The receiving partner stands with their feet together or leans over a counter, bed, sofa or whatever for stability. They arch their back and the giving partner slides into the vagina. The receiver can cling to the giving partner for support, or hold their arms up over her head for even more leverage.

This is a great position for stimulating the G-spot and so-called A-spot, especially when the giving partner thrusts downward. It’s also a very good position for clitoral stimulation because of the deep penis-to-vagina contact.

It’s a good idea to change this position periodically, too. If you’re tired of doing it the same way over and over, try the reverse cowgirl position, where your partner grinds you rather than pushing down on your vulva. This gives a whole different sensation and can be more exciting for the girl on top. For even more variation, use a pillow under your partner’s hips to create an angled entry.


If your partner has a small penis, don’t get discouraged. Most of the sex positions that work for partners with larger penises will also work for your partner – it just takes a little trial and error to find the ones that provide great penetration depth, tightness and reach the g-spot!

One fun and naughty position is the X-rated position (as in a sex movie rating). Have your partner lie on their back with their legs pulled up toward their ears. Then, you can enter them from the top in the missionary position, which gives them a lot of tightness and deep penetration. It’s especially arousing when your partner uses a vibrator in this position!

It’s also a good position for oral sex, which can be difficult or painful with larger dicks. Remember, though, that your partner’s interests and fantasies probably go far beyond their penis size! Be sure to ask your partner what feels arousing and how to take things up a notch. Lastly, don’t compare your penis size to other men’s, it does nothing but hurt your self-esteem.


This is one of the classic P-in-V positions and a good option for penises of any size, since it allows for deep penetration and stimulates the G-spot and clitoris. The giver can also play with the recipient’s nipples and knees for arousal and climax.

The recipient lies down on their stomach, arching their back as the penetrator gets into a plank position over top and enters them from behind. This is a great variation on missionary and can help to up the intensity for both partners.

For an added sexy element, try riding your partner in Reverse Cowgirl (aka the Hound) for tons of clitoral stimulation. Then you can move in slow and sensual grinding motions and let your penis glide through her vagina like a sleek racing car!

This is a super-sexy position that’s perfect for a small penis since it offers lots of stimulation from head to crotch and arms to torso. It’s all about the chemistry and intimacy with your lover in this sweet, snuggle-worthy position! If you want to get a little wild, have your partner straddle you and entangle their legs around yours as you grind back and forth.

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In conclusion, “5 Best Sex Positions & Tips For Small Penis Owners to Go Deep” offers a thoughtful exploration of intimacy that transcends physical limitations. By embracing creativity, communication, and mutual pleasure, individuals with smaller penises can experience deeply fulfilling sexual encounters with their partners. From positions that optimize penetration to techniques that prioritize connection and satisfaction, this guide celebrates diversity and underscores the importance of understanding and embracing one’s unique physical attributes. Ultimately, regardless of size, the key to deep intimacy lies in openness, communication, and a willingness to explore new ways of connecting with and pleasuring each other. Let this guide serve as a testament to the endless possibilities for profound and gratifying intimacy, regardless of the size of one’s penis.

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