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How to make your relationship stronger (9 steps for a happier marriage) | TheZealofLove
happy married life ahead
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How to make your relationship stronger (9 steps for a happier marriage)

If you think happiness exists even after marriage, then you are in myth because there isn’t anything like that. But you as partners are required to work together and be happy together, and for that, here are nine steps that will help to make your bond stronger and live a happy married life ahead.

  1. Respect Each Other – 

This is the main thing that you need to follow in your relationship, and this goes for both the persons. It’s a give and takes process, and if you don’t respect your partner, you can never be in a long race of happier marriage life.

  1. Appreciate the Efforts – 

Appreciate everything of your partner, whether it’s his/her hairstyle or her makeup or his/her dress because your appreciation makes them feel good about them, and in return, you will get many things which you didn’t expect.

  1. Plan a Good Escape every year – 

No matter how busy schedule, you have always planned a vacation trip with your spouse. Vacation will help to let your bond get stronger.

Many couples who cannot afford to take an extended vacation take a short vacation, or go on a long drive away. Being alone, enjoying new adventures with your spouse can empower you and your relationship in a positive way.

 happy married life ahead
  1. Eat Together – 

In this busy world where you are working day and night to provide a good shelter, food, and clothes. Try to eat a meal together. It can be lunch or dinner or breakfast or brunch also. There is a proverb that says – “family that eats together, stay together.” The dining table connects family members physically and spiritually. Eating food together will not only provide you proper nutrition but will also offer you a sacred and functional space for laughter and a healthy conversation.

  1. Have Sex – 

Doing sex every day can remove your anxiety and will make you more comfortable with each other. According to statics performing sex promotes happier marriage life, and sex lowers blood pressure, improves sleep, reduces stress, and also prostate cancer. Couples who play sex daily have a strengthened relationship and also improves the health of both.

  1. Never Go to Bed Angry – 

Do not go to bed without discussing your problem because it’s a proverb saying – “never go to bed angry”. Always consult your question, find a solution, and then say good night to each other. Automatically when you will, wake-up more of the things will be sorted.

  1. Accept the Natural Changes – 

As you and your partner grow older, get more mature and adaptable for a change. You, as a spouse, already know each other flaws. And for a happier marriage life ahead, you should never pay attention to her imperfections like her stretch marks, or his beer belly or even to his bald spot! No matter how old you as couples grow, always cheer each other’s mood; an answer of “How do I look?” should always be: “You look beautiful/handsome, and I love you a lot.”

 happy married life ahead
  1. Respect your partner Spends – 

If your Partner is a house maker and you are the only one who works to get the daily expenses meet. Do not think that your partner needs nothing. She also has her own choice of shopping, so keep a count on spending but respect her spends too.

  1. Cook together – 

No matter who you know how to cook or not spend some time in the kitchen by cooking something, it could be anything like pizza, muffins, etc. because it is scientifically proven that couples who cook together have a better understanding.

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