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Kinky Sex Positions To Try For Creating A Bond With Your Partner
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Sex Positions To Try For Creating A Bond With Your Partner

There are several kinky sex positions you can try to create a bond with your partner. The first one, known as the Cowgirl Position, is a good choice for women, as it allows you to use your strength to overpower a man. In this position, you can pin his hands above his head and forcefully move his body. In addition, you can lightly choke him.

The 69 Sex Position

The 69 position involves having two partners lie flat on their backs and align their mouths directly above each other’s genitals. This position is also called the ‘Sexy Couple’ position and is perfect for creating a bond between two people. This position is not for the faint-hearted and may not be appealing to every partner. However, it is a fun way to give your partner an exciting and memorable experience.

The 69 position allows both partners to give pleasure simultaneously. It is also an excellent position to try during foreplay.


Queening involves sitting on your partner’s face and forcing oral-genital contact. Special pieces of furniture facilitate this type of intimate activity, such as queening benches. You can also try out other sleepy sex positions, such as spooning or mutual masturbation. Queening also allows you to make your partner feel vulnerable by sitting on their face.

Queening is a fun position because you can control your partner’s body and penetrate them with your penis, fingers, or other objects. This position is exciting and feels naturally dominating.

The Missionary Sex Position

The missionary position can add a whole new dimension to the sex you share with your partner. If you want to give your partner the ultimate pleasure, you can use a restraint set to hold your partner’s body while you enjoy this sex position. Beginner-friendly restraint sets can include headboard-style cuffs or under-mattress restraint sets.

The first step in the missionary sex position is to get your partner to sit on their heels. You can do this by grasping each ankle with one hand and spreading the legs apart. Once you’ve gained control of your partner, you can start to enter with the penis or strap-on. This position can get quite hot and can make your partner feel vulnerable.

Trying A Blindfold In Bed

Blindfolds can be used for testing the waters before putting your partner in a trance. This way, you can ensure that your partner is comfortable with the idea. You can also use it to tickle your partner. You can put the blindfold on your partner’s face and give them a feather tickle.

Another great way to increase the intensity of your sex with your partner is to blindfold them. Blindfolding your partner will make the experience more fun for both of you. Your partner will have no idea what is happening because they are completely unaware of your movements.

Doggy Style

If you want to create a stronger bond with your partner, try using the doggy style. It is a classic kinky sex position with many benefits. First, it leaves your hands free and allows you to hit your partner’s erogenous zones easily. For example, you can easily touch her nipples and clitoris. This position is also perfect for light spanking. Another great benefit of this style is that you can grab her hair, which can add life to your sex life.

Another important thing to remember about doggy style is that it can be very intense. Most women cannot reach their climax through penetration alone. You should start slowly and build up to more intense topics. If you are new to the doggy style, you first need to remember to stay calm. If you are nervous about trying this position, you can always use a mirror to help you see each other better.

Another benefit of the doggy style is that it is easier to reach the g-spot and p-spot than any other position. This means it’s easier to have amazing intercourse with your partner in this position than ever before. This makes it a much more pleasurable experience for both of you.

Face Sitting

Face sitting is a fun, intimate, kinky sex position that involves straddling your partner’s face and lowering it down on them. This position is a great place to start oral sex and breath play. Be sure to have a safe stop signal and let your partner know when you need to let them breathe.

This position is very popular in the world of female dominance. When the dominant partner sits on top of the bottom, she is called the “queen.” The “queen” is the dominant partner, while the “submissive” partner sits below. In this position, the bottom partner is virtually held captive and merely a source of pleasure.

While in this position, ensure your partner is comfortable and enjoying the experience. If they don’t feel comfortable or want to change positions, ask them to try another position. This way, both of you will be able to enjoy the experience.

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If you want to create a deeper bond with your partner, try kinky sex positions. These positions can help you get closer or intimate with your partner and increase love between you as well. 

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