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Types Of Enlargement Exercises To Enlarge Penis | TheZealofLove
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Types Of Enlargement Exercises To Enlarge Penis

Penis enlargement pills have been around for a long time and have been used as popular herbal supplements to increase sexual pleasure for thousands of years. There is nothing new in this arena. They have been around forever and always will be. Penis enlargement supplements are pills that claim or hint that taking them regularly will indeed give you a bigger penis. They are usually sold under various brand names on the internet and at supplement shops claiming penis enlargement or just plain penis enlargement for men. I’m going to discuss a few things about penis enlargement using pills here.

You might be watching these ads and always wondering, “how to make mine grow?” and decide on surgery. The main draw to penis-enlargement surgery is the quickness alone. The surgery is not without risk and has a lengthy recovery period if the procedure goes wrong or is performed at a lousy site. Penis-enlargement surgery is not without pain either, and the whole operation can be painful. Surgery can also cost a lot of money, and not all men can afford it.

On the other hand, many male enhancement companies claim their penis enlargement methods are safer than penis surgery and more effective than pills. How accurate is this statement? Well, let’s look at the medical research on male enhancement techniques. We will find very little supportive evidence that anything other than surgical procedures can improve your penis size over time. Male enhancement pills can be considered a cheap alternative to penis enlargement surgery. Still, the truth is that the bulk of medical studies show no significant improvement in the average penis length or girth over time when taking penis enlargement pills. This is contrary to many websites that advertise penis-enhancement pills with claims that their products are backed by clinical studies or testimonials from happy customers.

Types Of Exercises For Penis-Enlargement

When it comes to male enhancement, there are several different types of penis enlargement exercises out there. Each one has its benefits and downsides, which means that you need to research each one very carefully. The more time and effort you put into researching enlargement exercises, the better results you will see. Here are some of the most prevalent penis enlargement exercises available:

  • Jelqing: Jelqing is an ancient form of penis enlargement exercise. It requires that you lie on your back with your knees bent and your penis exposed at full length. You then wish to use a lubricant and begin jelqing by moving your penis in a circular motion up and down in a relaxed manner. Repeat this for about five minutes, as many times as comfortable. It can be quite a bit more practical than stretching alone, though it does take longer. It is essential, however, that you do both exercises. Pulling only stretches the muscles, but jelqing exercises work the tissue as well, increasing penile length and girth. This makes it far more effective than other penis enhancement methods like pills and creams. You can also go the extra mile and try doing both jelqing and other exercises on each side of your partner to double the results.

Jelqs are among the most straightforward penis enlargement exercises. While they may seem a bit dull, as there are very few moving parts, you will still find that they have their benefits. By stimulating the flow of blood into your penis, you will increase its size considerably. This exercise also allows you to use more of your penis, as you will fill it up faster with blood.

  • Milking: A prevalent method of penis enlargement exercise known as milking is also a lot more effective than you may think. To perform this, you get down on your knees and place your hands at the base of your manhood, just outside of the scrotum. With a free hand, gently massage your penis until you feel some mild discomfort. Stop gently with just a light massage and repeat for a few minutes.
  • Arabian Jelq: One of the simplest types of penis enlargement exercises is the Arabian Jelq. It can be performed in just under half an hour, making it very convenient. What you need to do first is find yourself a comfortable chair and then take a towel or a soft washcloth to help you lubricate it. Place the towel over the head of your penis so that it covers the front of it. Next, begin by performing a warm jelq, moving your hands up the inside of your thighs.

Not only does this exercise work to expand the length of your penis, but it also helps to enlarge its girth. This exercise can be performed in just under half an hour, which makes it very convenient. What you need to do first is take a washcloth or soft cloth to help you lubricate it. Then, lay down on your stomach so that you are supported. Then, begin by pressing down on your penis until you feel a slight stretching sensation, which is your penis expanding. Do not force the exercise by focusing on the blood moving from the tip of your penis to the rest of it. Instead, allow the blood to flow smoothly from the base of your penis to the end. As your body warms up, the muscles in your pelvis will contract. As this happens, the penis starts to grow. You should continue this exercise for about fifteen minutes, three times daily.

In Conclusion

Penis enlargement techniques primarily focus on adding more length to your penis. There are many different techniques, and some work much better than others. In some instances, surgery might be an option if other methods are not working. But in all cases, these techniques are not very effective.

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