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What Are The Top Few Guilty Pleasures
Guilty Pleasures
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What Are The Top Few Guilty Pleasures

A guilty pleasure is anything, like a movie, a song, or a unique piece of art, that one loves despite knowing that it’s usually not held in very high esteem or is regarded as peculiar or abnormal. For example, you could say that a movie that you loved is a guilty pleasure because it’s based on actual events; and then the next time you see it, you would instantly think that the film has been made to titillate your sexual interests. A guilty pleasure can also be defined as a type of enjoyment that is considered to be deviant.

One might use the example of graffiti art. Suppose you see someone with great skill in creating graffiti on a wall. In that case, while not actually intending to deface the wall (and maybe have just stumbled upon it and had an ‘Oh shit ‘ Moment), you could consider that the act of creation of this particular art form was indeed a guilty pleasure because of its innovative aspect.

It is important to note that there are many different forms of guilt. For example, guilt can arise from situations in which you feel guilty for breaking social norms, such as those associated with sex and drinking. The kind of situation that leads to guilt and is therefore linked to social norms is social sanction. If, for example, you know that a woman that you’re involved with is having an affair, but because you feel bad about breaking social norms associated with sex, you keep quiet about it and do nothing about it, you could be guilty of social sanction. This would then give you the distinct psychological definition of a guilty pleasure.

Guilty Pleasures

Guilty pleasures are also a form of consumption, where you consume something even though you don’t want it. This is very similar to the notion of eating something you don’t like for the ‘good’ of your health or weight. However, Dr. Neal argues that many of our most common beliefs about what constitutes a guilty pleasure (such as watching television shows that make you feel guilty) originate from our disgust for certain social behaviors (such as drinking alcohol or watching TV shows that make you feel ashamed about sex). He also says that most of our ideas about making a guilty pleasure excellent or bad derive from our social sanction experiences.

The Top Few Guilty Pleasures

When it comes to exploring different types of pleasures, many guilty pleasures can be had. While everyone has their personal preference, several guilty pleasure types seem to appeal to most people. A kind of guilty pleasure seems to be the favorite of many, which is shopping for a gift for the particular person in your life. Finding the perfect gift for someone can be difficult, but if you learn about these types of guilty pleasures, you will have no problem finding the ideal present.

Buying A Gift For A Friend

The first guilty pleasure type is buying a gift for a friend you think may be offended by your actions. While giving a friend a technically wrong item can be challenging. You may feel that it is a form of expression and is okay. If the friend has a specific style or type of clothing. This would be a suitable type of guilty pleasure to pursue. This can lead to guilt when the gift does not arrive on time. You are forced to pay the extra shipping charges. While this type of guilty pleasure is not usually meant to harm. It can seem like a trap to fall into.

Buying Something For Yourself

The second type of guilty pleasure is buying something for yourself that is suggestive of a sexual act. While you can rationalize this with the idea that you only purchase lingerie with a female figure. This can still be a form of guilty pleasure. Many individuals have difficulty buying themselves lingerie. While some have never been able to put a dress on, others cannot deny that they crave the feel of lace.


One of the types of guilty pleasures is shopping for pornography in your home. While it is true that you may have found a website that you enjoy looking at. If your home is filled with hundreds of magazines and books that are pornographic. You may find that this becomes your new source of enjoyment. While there is nothing wrong with being a fan of pornography. It may have profound implications for you and your family if this is your new guilty pleasure. This is especially true if you keep this collection in view when visiting home.

Shopping Online

Finally, the last type of guilty pleasure is shopping online. While it is perfectly acceptable to shop online from a reputable retailer such as Amazon, looking for items on auction sites is something to be said. While the items may be brand new, they may be offered at discount prices because of the product’s popularity. This means that you may be able to find a great ring at a discount price or even purchase an old favorite without any remorse.

While these are all excellent reasons to indulge in your guilty pleasure, you may find that you have trouble controlling yourself if you continue this behavior. If you find that this is happening, you may want to seek help to stop. Many people who feel the need to manage their actions turn to self-hypnosis to help them get a handle on their impulses. While this may not be for everyone, it is certainly worth trying.

While having a guilty pleasure can be a source of great joy for most people. It can also lead to devastating consequences if it continues. Perhaps you have developed a guilty pleasure that has driven a wedge between you and your family. Or maybe your guilt pleasure habit is so strong that you no longer take your family out to dinner. Whatever the case may be if you continue to indulge in your guilty pleasure. You may find that you will lose touch with the people who mean the most to you. This can be emotionally disastrous, especially if you have children involved.

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Don’t let guilt ruin your relationships. Instead, take a close look at your guilty pleasures and determine which ones you are guilty of. If you realize that you have them all, then decide that you will not indulge in these guilty pleasures anymore. This will ensure that your relationships are not damaged and that you can take steps to repair them.

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