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15 Sweet, romantic and sexy texts to send and turn it on to a guy | TheZealofLove
romantic and sexy texts

15 Sweet, romantic and sexy texts to send and turn it on to a guy

No matter how better understanding you share within your bond, taking new and adventurous twists in your relationship adds more colors to it. Especially when it comes to turning it on to a guy, you can still practice some tactics and drive him crazy just through your talks!

Yes, you heard that right. Firstly, it may feel incredibly awkward trying to figure out exactly how to initiate your “dirty talk” with a guy in a way that can turn him on with feeling embarrassed to see or hesitant!

This is where sexting comes into the picture!

When it comes to dirty talks in long-distance relationship him, getting your person turned on, and initiating such discussions can be the safest way to do it through romantic and sexy texts messages.

15 Sweet, romantic and sexy texts to send and turn it on to a guy,dirty talks for long distance relationship him

Let us admit the fact – Guys love it when a girl knows how to initiate dirty talks. They find it attractive because when you are texting him, you are always available to think about what you say. You will never have to leave your mind to go blank and try to figure out another state of romantic and sexy texts again!

  • Guess where I am sleeping right now?

  • I am under my blankets, and it feels chilly cold; I guess the right time that I should put on some clothes!

  • Let me admit it honestly, I have been thinking and continuously sinking in your thoughts, all day long.

  • I’m feeling a little bit bored and still lying in my bed. When do you come and have a great time with me here?

  • The lights in my room are dim. Imagine we are alone in the bedroom together. We can have a great time together, right?

  • Let me know what you want to do with me right after our meeting tonight.

  • I’m just feeling so bored and thinking of checking out sex toys tonight! Would you like to join me?

  • I have been having very naughty thoughts. What about you?

  • I feel it difficult to sleep almost every single night. All I end up thinking is what we would be doing if you were here with me.

  • We were together right now in my bedroom, what would we end up doing with each other to make this night more memorable?

  • I can’t stop thinking about all the dirty things and addresses I have in my mind. Let’s share it.

  • This new undergarment that I am wearing right now feels so smooth. It just gives me a melting feeling.

  • I’m just wondering which one should I use to text you and which one to keep busy with. Would you like to join me and end this confusion? *Winks*

  • I can’t stop sucking on lollipops and eating Bananas throughout the day for some reason. I guess I have been horny since morning.

  • I am watching a filthy and sensual video online right now. It’s just so super hot and giving me deep chills. I wish I could have you in front of me right now!

If you are wondering about the reason, you must know that you don’t have to come up with something to say right when the moment arrives, but you can always take your time and think about what you have to say to him.

Honestly, this may feel huge to you, but still, you may feel it difficult to settle at the moment. If you have ever felt the same nervousness about raising and ending up messing, this discussion is just the thing you need. Just go through these super exciting sexting emoji examples for him and see him getting turned on.

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