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How To Convince Your Ex-Partner That You Want Them Back
Convince Your Ex-Partner

How To Convince Your Ex-Partner That You Want Them Back

We’ve all had a relationship that ended at a time we didn’t want, and sooner or later, we want the magic and the love, not to mention the exclusivity of that person. But it isn’t always that easy to get those times back again. Usually, the other person has already put themselves out into the world of dating again and has moved on from someone you love. First, carefully assess if it is healthy for you as well as your ex-partner to get back together and if you are reasonably assured that they wouldn’t hurt you and vice versa. How to convince your ex-partner that you want them back, go on ahead and check out these tips. 

Be upfront

First and foremost, be honest. Not only with the other individual but with yourself as well. Make sure that you want to take this step, and the other person will reciprocate your advances. Analyze the reason behind your breakup and what your role was in it. Most importantly, ask yourself if you’re willing to change and improve what you did wrong. 

Give and take space

Space is of utmost importance in this situation. You have to give him space and not contact him if you do so regularly. Take space as well, and focus on your well-being. Constant contact can annoy the other person or make them think you have ulterior motives. Instead, improve yourself. This will also make him think of you more and more, and question why you’re not in contact with him, which will make him interested.

Present a picture of happiness

There’s no better revenge than success. Show him that you’re happier without him, and you’re enjoying your life. Engage yourself in activities that interest you and make sure he sees how occupied you are. This will make him want you to give him attention, and he’ll try his best to gain your attention and affection.

Look sexy

Say what you will, but there’s no other way to make him want you than to show him how good you look. Hit the gym extra hard, invest in some sexy party outfits, and try out a new look. Make sure you attend a lot of social gatherings and do upload them on social media so that he can see what he’s missing. 

Wait for the conversation

You may feel a constant urge to text him after doing a few steps but resist yourself. You have to give off a nonchalant appearance. Only when enough time has passed, initiate a conversation with a casual text. Don’t come on too hard and fast because it may scare him off. Take things cool and casual.

Jealousy is quite a remedy

Take pictures of yourself with a man, and post post post. Take shots in romantic places like movie halls, parks, and even cafes. Better yet, text him with a suggestion to indulge in an activity that was great when you and your male friend did it, like a new movie or a romantic cafe. 

Let’s talk about sex, baby

You can’t ignore the down and dirty when you want your ex back. Try mentioning tidbits about your sexual experiences together, and gauge his reaction. Try mentioning products that you have tried together as well. When you say these, he’ll automatically think back to the great times you had together, and his heart will most definitely flip. 

Take time

Many times it’s not about the actions but only the time. In many cases, couples break up because of the fact that they’ve met each other at a strange time in their lives. Give time to yourself and him and focus on your life and career. Eventually, things will take their rightful place. 

Challenge him 

Other than some instances, a breakup isn’t always one person’s fault. So don’t let him get away scot-free. Make it a challenge for him to get back to you too. Make sure he improves himself too. 

Social media is your best friend

Publish your life on social media. Show all your achievements, fun times, and experiences. When he sees all this, he’ll want to be a part of your life again and will certainly try his best to contact you. 

Just be you

Amidst everything, don’t forget to be your best, authentic self. If he fell in love with you for being yourself in the first place, he most certainly will the next time. Show him that this breakup has been a learning experience and that you’re now a better version of yourself, but you’re still you.

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