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How to Have a Happy Relationship (7 Healthy Marriage Cures) | TheZealofLove
7 cures to have a healthy marriage

How to Have a Happy Relationship (7 Healthy Marriage Cures)

People pray, consult and seek bits of advice from the very childhood to have a perfect partner or on finding the right soulmate. Then why is that still at a rate of 5.5 people for every 1000 people on this planet seeks divorce after marriage?

7 cures to have a healthy marriage – revealed

Happy realationship
  • Perception

The No.1 cause of any unhealthy relationships is an unclear perception of life and their partner. Most of the people live their life only with the perception taken from their point of view, creating a reality made from their assumptions and conclusions without being aware of the actual reality or understanding why their partners do what they do. Having a clear understanding of the partner’s perception will bring more clarity and an overall image of the map over the married life.

Note: Relationship starts when people learn to understand their partner.

  • Communication

Communication becomes too dull when involved with assumptions and misunderstandings. To have clear communication with their partner, one must have an accurate perception of their partner and with irony, in order to have an accurate perception; one must communicate clearly with their partner as well. People must intentionally make it a habit to prioritize their time to execute clear communication with their partner. This will and must be to help the couples to make a conscious effort to find the common grounds in their relationship, not to have a communication other than their relationship.

Note: Good communication is the key to a healthy relationship

  • Action

Taking the right actions to balance the partner’s needs along with their own need will help the couples to have a picture of the married life as a whole, rather than looking or seeking solely and selfishly towards one’s own needs and satisfaction. Taking the right action doesn’t mean keeping the other person first, rather it creates a bond between the partners and gives them a feeling that they are one soul within two bodies leading and acting accordingly towards a very happy relationship.

Note: Don’t wait for the other partner to initiate any action. This only results in paralyzing the relationship where both wait for the other to act.

  • Interplay

Accurate perception, Clear communication, and Right action are the three main ingredients for any healthy relationship. Each of these has an important role in effecting the other.

  • Between Accurate perception and the right action, there is a direction.
  • Between Right Action and Clear communication, there is a connection.
  • Between Clear communication and Accurate Perception, there is a mental understanding.

A lack of any of these will quickly lead to void thoughts and breakdown of the bond between the partners. It becomes hard for them to see that partners are in fact one.

  • Pulling it together

Most people even though they understand the concept of understanding, connection, direction, and patience in a marriage, yet they fail to see these results. 

Couples must start by focusing on and practicing the three most important ingredients to have a healthy relationship. Understanding, Connection, Direction and all are the by-product of these ingredients. 

Note: Concentrate on the elements rather than on the end result.

Happy realationship
  • Ask yourself these questions
  • What are the 3 blockages in your mind that hinder clear communication and in creating an accurate perception of your partner?
  • What commitment is your willingness to take today to create time and space for communication with your partner?
  • What are the next 3 Right Actions you will take?
  • Me, You, We – Exercise

This exercise of considering life after marriage as not solely on ME or YOU but as WE are the end result of a healthy relationship.

There can be many overlaps in the relationships and there are a number of areas where the interest, morals, etc don’t overlap with that of the partners. However, if the amount of uncommon grounds is more such that one doesn’t approve everything the other partner does can quickly find itself in trouble.

Healthy marriage must focus on the strength of the bond between them to see together as a WE not on finding common grounds to make it look like a WE.

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