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How to talk to a man and make him rock hard for you? | TheZealofLove
make your relationship more exciting
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How to talk to a man and make him rock hard for you?

You’re on the first date, and you want to know if you’re going to kick it off with him. There could be ways where if you say something that could turn him off. Here are some simple tricks that could help you get it going.

Is dirty talk worth it?

You met a guy and probably dating him for a week or two. Sometimes the guy talks dirty to you, and you could spice up your relationship. What if he doesn’t approach first? Your relationship could end up boring. By talking dirty, you could make your relationship more exciting. It increases the sexual tension, and then slowly, it will arouse him. 

make your relationship more exciting

Your gesture matters.

It is a simple trick. Let me give you an example. Let’s say you had a moment, and you say in a cheeky or loud voice, “I want you so bad!”. It turns a person off. Instead of this, you could come a bit closer, lay your hand on his chest and look into his eyes more seductively and say, “I want you so bad!” this is going to turn him on immediately.

Three essential facts are 

1) The tone of your voice: Keep it smooth. Don’t be nervous. Keep a tender voice that soothes him. 

2) How fast you speak: sometimes its better to say slow and precise instead to say it too quickly.

3) What you are doing with your body: If you want to tell him that you love him, even if you wore jeans that don’t suit you, your body langue matters. Maintain eye contact.

Flirt via text.

Everyone uses a phone, and what a better way to talk dirty via text? There are various ways you could seduce your man through text that could make him hard want you over his house. “I couldn’t stop thinking about you last night.” automatically tells him what your intention is. There are many sexy messages, but you should the right time to use them.

Make him guess

One way is to use dirty talk through a question. I prefer this method to de used via text. You could say, “What would you do if I come over right now?” Or “What would you do if I was alone in a room with you?” His reply would invoke a sexual tension that you would be looking for. 

Does Roleplay help?

Now I don’t suggest you use this method right away. If you have known the person very long and he is interested, this would spice things up. You can ask him his kinks and interests, and if you both agree, then it will be a hell of a ride. Always ask him if he is enjoying or there are ways where he likes it, and he should also do the same to you. It should go both ways.

make your relationship more exciting

All-time dirty talk is no good

There are aways limits and boundaries to everything too much is no good. If your relationship is only about sex and dirty talk, there will be a time where all this becomes monotonous, and next, you don’t know what to give. Go trekking on a mountain, participate in outdoor activity. This build relation between a couple. On the right occasion, you could cook his favorite meal, provide more value, and rekindles love.

Building trust is essential.

You shouldn’t explore your desire for a man who you do not trust. If the person is only looking for a short-term relation, which is mostly for sex, it is better to stay away and explore other men who would treat you well, and if he becomes your ex, he would respect you for your decision and carry out his life.

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