Exposed- 7 secrets of multiple orgasms no woman can resist


There has always been a question in men’s minds about women’s orgasm. They are confused about whether a woman can have multiple orgasms or not. A woman can surely have multiple orgasms provided she lets herself into you and that she trusts you fully. No woman can have an orgasm until she is very much comfortable and shares a unique bond with the partner. It is essential to make her comfortable and match the chemistry with her emotions and needs. Men can’t just let loose with her without knowing her desires and passions. Below are the seven secrets of multiple orgasms no woman can resist:

1. Pheromones: There must be a certain level of attraction between the partners. If there is no attraction, a woman will not feel passionate, and there will be an emotional gap between the two. To increase the female pheromones, which are attraction generating hormones, many perfumes, oils having the same are available in the market, which builds attraction levels between a couple. A chemical harmony or bonding is essential for the woman.

Exposed- 7 secrets of multiple orgasms no woman can resist,increase the female pheromones,

2. Emotional attachment: Trust is the basis of any relationship. A woman should have trust upon the partner to enjoy the process. The man must psychologically connect with the woman to ensure that she is happy enough to have orgasms. With increased trust, there is more comfort level with the partner, and she succumbs more in the process. Excellent communication with her is essential. Just sort out earlier, what are her needs and desires, and she is willing to explore new things.

3. Foreplay: The right amount of foreplay is essential for the partners. Ensure that you spend quality time with each other like a kiss, touch before the process to stimulate her adequately. It usually takes 15-20 minutes for this, and after making up her mood, she can have multiple orgasms. Meanwhile, ask her whether she likes it or not. If everything goes well, you both can enjoy it much better.

4. Breathing: Many women don’t breathe while doing sex. Ask her to take longer breathes. In a panic, when she takes smaller breaths, this increases fear and lessens the drive. Hence, it is crucial to breathe correctly in the process of enjoying it the most.

5. Noises: Many women abstain from making noises during the process. Tell her to let out her energy fully and express herself of how she feels about it. More noises even let her relax more and enjoy the process well.

6. Kissing: Many men force themselves on women. They don’t realize that in relation, what is more, important is love and warmth. They force her though unknowingly, to do activities without even knowing that women can or cannot be comfortable enough with it. It is essential to ask her in between whether she likes it or not. Or her bodily postures can also be observed to know her mood. You can kiss her to exchange the necessary warmth with her.

7. Tease touching: It is not only about sex, which simulates a woman. A soft and warm touch can charge her. Touch her lips, her stomach, inner thighs, and let her feel the warmth and desire inside her. Please don’t be hard while touching her. You must contact her softly, going all through her body.

These few tips can help to have more and long-lasting orgasms in a woman. She will love the process when you follow these few steps and tricks. Emotional and physical attraction is hence the most necessary thing to stimulate her to the maximum.

Exposed- 7 secrets of multiple orgasms no woman can resist, long-lasting orgasms

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