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Signs That She Loves You : Signs That You Need To Know
signs that she loves you

Signs that she loves: 11 Clear and proven signs that you need to know

Women can often be mysterious creatures. They can be quite protective of their feelings, and don’t let on what they’re feeling. This can leave guys feeling quite confused, frankly. If you’re in this position as well, and you want to know if your girlfriend loves you, check out these 11 signs that she loves you. 

She pays attention

Attention is definitely a sign of love. If she pays attention to whatever you’re saying and always seems genuinely interested in your words, responding very enthusiastically. It means you’re important to her and deserve all her attention. 

She wants you alone

If she’s always in the mood for a one-on-one date and less enthusiastic about group gatherings, it’s a sure shot sign of how much she loves you. She’ll always be trying to get you alone and go for individual dates to places where it’s only you and her. This fact is proof that she wants your attention on her and her only. 


Try to notice her actions when she’s around you. If she’s very bubbly and nervous whenever you come around, or you see her twiddling with her thumbs or touching her hair, it’s a sign that you surely make her feel things. If all these actions are paired with a smile on her lips, well, the answer you want is clear for you to see.

Signs that she loves: 11 Clear and proven signs that you need to know,signs of unspoken mutual attraction

Light touches

Casual touching is another vital sign. If during a conversation, she needs to touch you casually, and quite often, then it’s a sign that you’re in her mind a lot. Light touches on the arm, a graze across the hand, or even a tussling of hair is a sign that she’s trying to charm you means signs of unspoken mutual attraction and build up some sexual tension. 

You’re on top of her social media

If you take care to notice her social media searches or see that she always likes and comments on your posts, think no more. This is a clear sign that you’re always on her mind, and she loves to check you out all the time, even if it’s through the Internet. 

Initiates conversation

If she tends to start new conversations most of the time and even when your talks seem to fizzle out, she tries to reignite the conversation by bringing in a new topic; it’s a sign that she wants to keep on talking to you, which means she loves you and only you. 

She always looks good for you

If you notice her putting some extra effort into her looks whenever you’re around or when she’s going to meet you, wearing a sexy dress or with plump red lips, it’s a sign that she surely wants your attention on her at all times. Just another example of her love for you. She wants your appreciation and compliments and your attention, so be sure to give it to her.

The way she talks to you

If she talks to you about her deepest secrets, her emotions, pain, past experiences, and all the traits that cannot be shared with others, it’s proof of how much she loves you. Women are very protective of their feelings since it’s so easy to get heartbroken, but if she’s telling you all these facts, it means she trusts you like none other, and you should never break her trust.

She remembers the small things

When you’re having a conversation, and you notice her remembering the most minor of details that you’ve told her like your favorite food, favorite athlete, or even your favorite brand, it’s clear that she loves you.If a girl shares secrets with you and always pays attention to whatever you’re saying. Not only that, you’re always on her mind and so special to her that she has kept in mind all the little things.

She is invariably there for you

Whenever you tell her about your day or express to her your hardships, and she always offers her assistance and helps you, keeping her own needs aside, she obviously loves you. You matter to her the most, and she’s willing to put aside her needs when it comes to yours.

She’s always her open self with you

Whenever she is with you, if she’s free and talking and laughing with you and being silly, it means that she is comfortable with you, and she can be herself and not have to keep up a facade. This action is proof that she loves you a lot, and she feels that no one else she can be herself around than you.

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