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How Does Oral Sex Feel?

Oral Sex is never comfortable for me. I hate it! I cannot stand the feeling of warm wet lips, rough teeth, and tonsil stone chucking noises. That’s why I am writing this article today to give you some good oral sex advice for men. I will share with you some of the things that I did to make my orgasms as pleasurable as possible.

Do you have a problem with women and being uncomfortable? Well, you are not alone. A lot of men have this problem. I had it too many times and could not find a way to have great sex. My girlfriends even asked me to stop going out with them because I was so uncomfortable with them. I finally realized what I was doing wrong.

My Buddies:

I would go out with my buddies on a Friday or Saturday night. I would get in a car and drive around with a bunch of girls. Most of them were hot women who wanted me to make them orgasm. I never cared about any of them. It was just easy to go in and out of bed with these hot women.

Once I discovered this simple method of getting laid, I started having better sex. The more comfortable I became with women, the more I became interested in them. My sexual performance improved dramatically. The more I became interested in them, the more I enjoyed having sex with them. I was able to please them better and satisfy them.

What I did was change the way I went down on women. I made it so that I got right up close to her and thrust my penis into her. This put pressure on her and forced her to relax. It was not long before she became aroused.

Another thing that I did to improve my performance when it came to oral sex was that I used the women’s own lubricant on her. This allowed me to penetrate deeper and not make it uncomfortable for her. By doing this, we both could enjoy the sex a lot more.

Oral Sex:

You might think that women would never go back to having sex just because you gave them pleasure. But what if a woman told you that she had orgasmed multiple times because of your touch? You would probably laugh at her because she was a “hoser” but what if she told you that she loved it so much that she was going to get another one with you?

Women really do love it when they know they are being appreciated. If you continue to give them oral sex, they will continue to have it and want more. I am sure you understand now why I said: “it feels good”. Giving it to women is a great experience that men should do often. So stop letting it hold you back from having this great experience with the woman of your dreams. I hope that oral sex is as enjoyable for you as it is for me.

Most men feel like their masculinity is questioned by giving in to a woman’s desire to be touched. But you should know that women are able to respect a man’s ability to act as a true male. You can show her your love and confidence by using your tongue. Most women like it when men stroke them slowly with their tongues.

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Improve Performance:

A great way to increase her excitement is by performing cunnilingus on her. This is the art of stimulating her clitoris with your mouth. Many men have learned how to go down on a woman and give her pleasure this way. You can experience the same type of bliss with her by learning the techniques needed.

There is nothing more beautiful on a woman than to feel a hard ridge of tissue pushed into her. By stimulating this area, you can bring her to a powerful orgasm. When she gurgles and grows tired, it’s the perfect time to end it with some cunnilingus. She will feel soothed and turned on once you have taught her how to reach this powerful orgasm.

While you may find yourself wondering “how does oral sex feel? “, it is definitely worth the experience. Many women report an increased level of sexual desire and satisfaction after their first session. This is a great way to strengthen your relationship and have fun with the person you love.

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