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Top 3 Interesting Vaginal Facts Every Women Should Know

If you are a woman who is well informed about her body and what it needs, then you are already familiar with most of the top 3 interesting vaginal facts every woman should know. This piece of writing will let you know three things that you might have been overlooking. For example, did you know that there are a total of eight urinary tract infections in women? Do you know how these infections come about? Are you aware that these infections are not as rare as many people may think them to be?

Fun Facts About Women:

The first of the top 3 fun facts that every woman should know is that not all women get urinary tract infections. In fact, only thirty-five percent of women experience this type of infection. Women that have never had this type of infection before will have a difficult time dealing with it. On the other hand, women that have had this infection before and know what to do when they experience it will be able to deal with it far easier. So by knowing this important piece of information you are one step ahead of the game.

Another top 3 fun facts is that an infection does not occur due to just wearing cotton underwear. Some women are prone to having UTIs and they also wear synthetic underwear and this causes their infection to occur much more easily than a woman who wears cotton underwear. Cotton underwear makes the vagina more prone to having an infection, and if a woman can change to pure cotton underwear she will see a dramatic difference in the number of infections that she gets over the course of a year.

Woman’s Vagina Dry:

The third of the top three fun facts is that yeast is one of the main reasons why a woman’s vagina becomes dry. Yeast infections happen when there is an overgrowth of the yeast species that naturally live inside of the vagina. They live on the walls of the vagina and feed off of nutrients that the body provides. When they get nutrients from the body, they grow rapidly and will eventually produce an infection if the body is not able to provide the proper environment for the yeast to grow and multiply. There are some women who have been prescribed antibiotics to treat a yeast infection and while these drugs can be effective, they do not solve the root problem and therefore a woman is left with a chronic condition.

One of the top 3 interesting vaginal facts is that the best way to treat a yeast infection is through natural remedies. Natural remedies are very powerful when it comes to treating infection and they are also very cheap to purchase. There are many different types of natural remedies that are effective against bacterial vaginosis and they can be used to cure the infection. There are several different causes of bacterial vaginosis, but the most common causes include the following:

Douching is one of the main causes of infection in the vaginal facts because it removes the protective bacteria that covers the area and allows the growth of harmful bacteria. This type of bacterial infection occurs more often in women who are on antibiotics. The harmful bacteria grow out of control and cause the infection. When the vagina is kept clear of the protective bacteria the bad bacteria grows and causes the symptoms of BV. When women use unscented products with douches they allow the bad bacteria to flourish and this causes more severe infection and the symptoms become severe.

Bacterial Vaginosis:

Another reason why bacterial vaginosis occurs is that certain types of detergents and fabric softeners can weaken the vagina’s protective walls. The walls become weaker as the vagina becomes drier and can cause the yeast infection to set in. The vaginal discharge is another cause of bacterial vaginosis because the discharge contains higher amounts of pH-sensitive bacteria and the more the bacterial vaginosis sets in the vagina, the worse the discharge will become and the more odor will be produced.

The top 3 vagina facts for women are not very interesting, but they do affect all women who have a vagina and they must be taken seriously. Because if women don’t take them seriously, they can cause serious infections that can spread to other parts of their bodies and even their eyes. The more they ignore the problem the worst it will get and the more it will spread to other parts of the body. Every woman must be educated on these things and must have access to information that will educate them on what to do if they have an infection and if they have had an infection before.

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